Scalp Therapy Conditioning Mask

Scalp Therapy Conditioning Mask


Scalp Therapy Conditioning Mask is a restorative treatment that instantly absorbs into the hair and scalp creating exceptional shine, stunning smoothness and lasting conditioning. Boosted with conditioning Aloe Vera, this intense treatment penetrates the cuticle to help reconstruct, rebuild strength and restore elasticity. Hair will demonstrate improved texture and manageability.

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• Menthol - Is a highly effective cooling agent. It delivers quick cooling response, long lasting, fresh cooling sensation. The menthol composition also promotes wound healing for sun damage.

• Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract - Derived from the aloe vera (true aloe) plant, one of the oldest medicinal plants known. It has remarkable healing abilities because it is a natural oxygenator (drawing and holding oxygen to the skin). It is an effective cellular renewal ingredient as it has a composition similar to that of human blood plasma and sea water. It is extremely soothing, protective and very effective in replenishing lost moisture.

• Argan - Argan Oil contains properties that contribute to the oils unique moisturizing and skin nourishment abilities including its naturally occurring Vitamin E and antioxidant content. The oil is also rich in Oleic and Linoleic essential fatty acids. This combination of properties is believed to possess anti-aging benefits when applied to the skin, and also for sun care applications.

• Cinnamon Oil - Cinnamon Bark Oil is a natural oil of the bark of Cinnamomum Cassia. Cinnamon bark is known to be antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiseptic. It can be used to treat wounds and also to help stimulate circulation in the skin.