Elastin-A Elevation Creme

Elastin-A Elevation Creme


Protect, repair and refine your skin with this all in one treatment crème. Active ingredients help to regulate the ageing process, protect and stimulate the elastic fibre network in the skin, stimulate cell turnover and boost collagen synthesis, resulting in a visibly younger looking skin.

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• ElastanTM – Is an extract from the leaves of the Manilkara Multinervis which is rich in flavonoids and catechuic tannins. Elastan™ protects against the effects of elastase while enhancing synthesis of elastin. In addition to an anti-glycation benefit, it stimulates synthesis of elastin associated proteins, resulting in improved   skin firmness and elasticity.  

• Vit-A-Like – Is a plant extract with the same functionality as retinol. It stimulates cell turnover, thereby helping to minimize irregular skin tone and reduce fine lines and wrinkles.         

• Reforcyl – Is a dynamic plant extract blend that helps boost barrier protection in mature skin while enhancing cellular efficacy. Reforcyl activates LXR and key enzymes involved in epidermal lipid synthesis. An overall   improvement in hydration, firmness, elasticity and smoothness is observed.

•Tego Stemlastin (Algae Extract) - Naturally derived from Cyanidium Caldarium Algae which is rich in   extremolytes-like mineral nutrients, amino acids and polyphenols and GABA (gamma amino butryric acid).