Tattooing services 

Feather Touch Eyebrow Tattooing - also known as Microblading

This style of eyebrow is designed using individually placed tattoo strokes which simulate natural hairs. Amity designs this brow as a natural looking eyebrow, following the hairs natural growth patterns. Perfect for someone wanting a very subtle looking eyebrow. Please note, oily skin does not hold a perfect stroke, and is more suited to an ombre or hybrid tattoo method.

Ombre Eyebrow Tattooing

My most popular style. This can range from a bold brow to a very subtle shadow brow, suitable for anyone from blonde to black hair. Starting out with a soft shadow and blending into a deeper brow as it goes out towards the tail. This brow is great for those who love the look of a shadow eyebrow. Its a soft and gorgeous looking brow, without hairstrokes. 

Hybrid 3D Eyebrow Tattooing

This is where I combine the feather strokes with shading techniques to create the perfect brow. Often people come in with eyebrows that are simply not in the most flattering shape, but in order to correct this and create the perfect brow, a blend of techniques is required to make it look natural.

Men's Eyebrows

Male eyebrows are designed and performed slightly differently than women's. I create a feather stroke eyebrow in a pattern suited to a natural men's eyebrow, and occasionally add subtle shading when required, to get the best results. The same procedure takes place, where you need two sessions in the first instance, spaced one month apart. 

Ombre Lips

Traditional lip line is also available, however these-days most people are opting for an ombre lip, which is where the colour gradually fades into the lip and softens, rather than having a stark lip line.


Eyeliner tattooing will be tailored to suit your needs, your eye shape and surrounding skin and bone structure. It can range from a subtle eyelash enhancement to a gorgeous big winged eyeliner, but must suit your face. Amity will discuss the best style of eyeliner to get a gorgeous youthful look at your consultation.

Pricing information


This initial price includes the Initial Tattoo (2 Hours) and Perfecting Session 6 weeks later (2 Hours). If a second perfecting session (3rd session) is required, this will be charged at $150, but must be performed within 2 months of the very first tattoo session. 


Touch up sessions are then $375 each.

Please be aware that tattoo touch ups left more than 12 months may require 2 sessions again, and tattoos left over 18 months will most likely require two sessions.


Please note that whilst Amity does offer corrections for tattoos performed by other artists, an extra $100 fee is applicable due to the complex nature of the work, longer treatment time required and access consumables required to get the best result. ALL work from other artists will require 2 sessions performed by Amity to correct them, and this will incur a cost of $850.


Each session costs $200 and between 1 - 4 sessions are usually required depending on the original work and the desired result. Not all tattoos can be removed and a consultation is required. Consultations cost $50 and can be redeemed on the first removal session. One session of removal can achieve on average 20-90% lightening of the tattoo, but results are never guaranteed. Lightening can be uneven, and multiple sessions are required when trying to remove completely. If you need to lighten old tattooing in order to achieve the best new tattoo, 1-2 sessions is usually enough, however no guarantees are made.


Unfortunately some people are unable to receive a cosmetic tattooing treatment, these include people who Keloid scar, currently undergoing treatment for Cancer, currently on or have taken Roaccutane or strong Vitamin A within 6 months, most autoimmune diseases, blood disorders and communicable diseases. Also note that it is illegal to tattoo a Minor in Victoria, and we do not accept clients for this treatment under the age of 18.


Some clients are required to bring approval from their GP before they can receive a Cosmetic Tattoo - these include clients with Diabetes, Thyroid Conditions, Auto-Immune Diseases, Previous Cancer treatments

How to book

Complete the online inquiry form located on this website. we will contact you to schedule an appointment for either a consultation, or your first tattoo.

You will be given details to order your own numbing cream, and test patch yourself. By law, you must purchase your own numbing cream, test patch yourself, apply the numbing cream to the area prior to your appointment and bring the remainder of the tube with you.

Consultation & Booking Fees:

$100 will be charged via credit card over the phone to schedule an appointment. If you give less than 48 hours notice to cancel or reschedule the appointment, this $100 is not refunded.

If you would like to book a consultation first, this is charged at $50, and is redeemable if you proceed with your tattoo treatment.

During this appointment, we will discuss your desired colour, style and results. You will be shown before and after photos of my work, and have the opportunity to have all your questions answered.

First Appointment

Prior to your appointment, you will have already downloaded and completed the consent form. The initial appointment will take between 1-2 hours. Please allow 2 hours to be safe. I will spend time with you before we start the tattoo, discussing the shape and colour you want to achieve. I will carefully measure and map out your brows for you to approve before we begin. I will take photos of your skin before I start, and then again once we finish. During your appointment, I will utilise numbing creams to ensure your treatment is comfortable. Once the first tattoo is complete, you will feel slightly tender, but will be able to return to work without worrying about the appearance of your tattoo. Eyeliner tattooing will require the remainder of the day off work, due to slight swelling and redness.

New Clients will require TWO initial treatments, spaced 4-8 weeks apart. In some cases, a third appointment will be required.

Touch up treatments will be required roughly every 6-18 months, depending upon your skin, lifestyle and requirements. 


I use the advanced technology of a Digital Tattoo Machine and/or single use hand tools. Digital Tattoo Machines have surpassed the old cheap rotary machines in results, comfort and control. This machine is so delicate, it glides across the skin enabling petite hair strokes, penetrating pigment to the optimal depth at an even rate, achieving a beautiful tattoo and result for my clients. I use sterile single use tips, needles and disposable items, to ensure a hygienic and safe treatment.

Clinical Hygiene

I use a sterile technique, using all sterile, single use, disposable equipment, which is disposed of according to health and safety guidelines. You will NEVER have a needle used again, and even my gloves are sterile single use gloves. I have been trained in sterile and sepsis techniques at Victoria University and with my Tattooing Trainers.

Cancellation Policy

48 hours' notice is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment, to allow time for me to book in another client in your time slot. If 48 hours is not provided, your deposit will not be refunded.